Pre-Planning, Design and Methodology

Initial discussions regarding the design brief, timing, budgets and related concept information begin the process. This is a critical time for clarity, preparation and innovation and for establishing the high-quality relationships we will have with our clients and contractors, and all of us will rely on throughout the construction process. We are experienced professionals, and our focus is to discuss, listen and engage to understand, so that throughout the process we all remain in open contact and enjoy the experience right to the end.

Our Design and Engineering Team use an inclusive and consultative approach, ensuring our clients are fully apprised of every step. We are well practiced in working with a wide range of clientele including individual home owners, mid-rise, multi-level projects, community and government housing bodies as well as developers and other building consortiums. Once the design brief is agreed, we review and finalise the construction documentation and prepare for the manufacturing and installation activities.

Early contractor involvement ensures rock-solid working partnerships, with every individual and team involved throughout the course of the project. We choose our collaborative partners very carefully, because the quality of relationships throughout the time of a build, can make or break the experience for all involved. We want everyone on our projects to go home at night feeling inspired, relaxed and satisfied with the contribution they have made throughout the day, and most importantly, excited to return the next day for more of the same. Making a difference in how we work is a major focus for us; we will not allow relationships to deteriorate and create outcomes for anyone which are less than ideal.

Manufacturing, Delivery and Installation

Our advanced manufacturing process is completed in the CLOS Factory at Avalon and our design to assembly methodology is careful, focused and accurate.  This way, installation runs smoothly, and the finished product is precise, clean and beautiful.

Our offsite manufacturing is solutions focused, not material constrained.  We search for the best possible resolve for your project and we understand that different materials have their benefits and limitations. We have an unbiased view on what material is best for each application and apply them accordingly.

Having utilised our experience and innovative approach on some of the construction industry’s most challenging projects, we relish the opportunity to convert the once improbable to the definitely possible.  We make sure we truly understand the exit strategy of the project before the first nail is driven.

Our solution is reverse engineering.

We aim to understand every project at every level and fabricate the solution to suit.  Our inhouse design team works with every client to best resolve the build into modules and panels.  Our team in the factory then carefully manufacture the components for each project.  This is an advanced manufacturing procedure.  Think of how your car was made?  Without limitations on design!

Our factory environment is the same all year round. We don’t have wind, rain, snow or sun to worry about under our roof.  Our Offsite Production Teams can work more hours and spread across more shifts, inside a perfectly illuminated and safe working area.  What could be described as High-Risk Works onsite, are now low risk tasks offsite.

We manufacture and process the following:

Open and closed wall panels with options of being fully lined, insulated, the windows installed, and external cladding already added

Floor and roof cassettes, allowing our projects to be weather tight up to 50% faster than conventional construction

Mass timber elements include visual or non-visual grade

Glulam columns and beams

CLT walls and floors

LVL columns, beams, walls and floors

NLT Beams, walls and floors

We provide a “Value Add” option to each of the above. Things like plaster linings, external cladding, facades and windows. Your imagination is our challenge, and we like challenges.

We source a variety of timber; hardwood, softwood, local and international. Pending the application and pending the client’s needs.

Because our installation and site assembly start long before we get to site, and our prefabrication and offsite manufacturing are complimented with smart logistics and good coordination, each element fits perfectly when assembled onsite.  This ensures a more precise build than what conventional onsite construction can achieve.  Higher degrees of tolerance and more stringent details are achieved in offsite conditions.

Our completed components are then strategically loaded onto our vehicles and transported to site. The vehicles are loaded to minimise disruption onsite and maximise crane activity.  Lift once, and no double handling onsite and wasting precious crane time.

Our previous experience on multi-level, multi-res, CBD construction has prepared us well for our work, and placed us to be the leader in our industry when it comes to site works.  Our onsite Riggers Teams are experienced, professional and focussed on their relationships with all working partners and in achieving accurate and timely results.

Our Industry Partners

We have formed key partnerships with people who align with our values.  It is important to us that the people we work with are engaged in ethical business activities and focused, with a commitment to renewable resources, energy efficiencies and respect for the environment.

Our supply partners are leaders in their respective industries; they are diverse.  These important supply partnerships allow us to procure the right material for the right application at the right time.  We work with industry leaders in the supply of CLT, Glulam, LVL and naturally grown structural mass timbers.  These products can be locally sourced, nationally sourced and also come to us from international suppliers.  It’s important we have access to the best product for our clients.