Meet the team

John Fitzgibbon
Founder & Director

John has worked for some of the Australia’s leading construction companies in hospitality, residential, aged care, commercial and retail projects, ranging from 5million to 200million dollars. A strong approach to sustainable materials, lean principles and offsite manufacturing are core to John’s vision, and the options for making a real difference in local and national communities with pioneering ideas, leading-edge designs and long-term maintainable resources are key add-ons.

John is an energetic, intelligent, open and driven individual with a clear vision for a future that will sustain the generations to come. He is the quintessential new age leader; taking all who work alongside him on the journey; he is the enabler for his team to succeed.  His passion for innovative construction is strongly complimented by his ambition to partner with local and regional communities to foster improved community integration and growth.

Susie Walker
Culture, People & Education

For over 35 years, Susie Walker has been working with organisations across a wide variety of industries to help them to translate their business strategies into practical, everyday activities that bring winning cultural outcomes. She is an experienced professional, specialising in cultural transformation, leadership development and the acceleration of company-wide ‘mindset shifts’, to foster open communication, engaged innovation and proactive collaboration as company norms. She facilitates resourceful transformation via a clever combination of one on one interactions, leadership intensives, classroom and online training sessions and accelerated change workshops; she is highly committed to the kind of results and outcomes that bring sustainable change to individuals, their business workplaces and the many other personal and community groups their behaviours impact daily.

Susie is a catalyst for transformation by nature, and passionate about driving the kind of evolution that ripples out into neighbouring groups like the working partners, families and communities of her program participants; this, she says, ‘embeds and spreads the learning and development’ as a business grows into its best self.